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  • What is FullAMark?

    An online learning platform where students can have access to activities from the latest school syllabus and revision exercises similar to the newest formats of examination (UPSR, PT3 and SPM). Subjects available are English, Matematik, Sains, Sejarah and Bahasa Melayu. Interact with friends all around Malaysia, share ideas, carry out fun activities and experience online learning – the social way!

  • Why is FullAMark different from other online learning websites?

    FullAMark focuses on community, connectedness and student engagement. We promote dynamic communication through fun and interactive learning communities, where students can:

    • discuss and reflect on their experiences,
    • share relevant and meaningful media and,
    • connect with their peers

    in a safe and positive environment!

  • Who can subscribe?

    Primary and Secondary school students from all ages. Whether you are sitting for the national exams (UPSR, PT3, SPM) this year, next year, or if you are just determined to be ahead of your peers and have a passion for knowledge – feel free to join us!

  • How to subscribe?

    There are packages that you can subscribe to, according to exam levels, as well as focus on single subjects. All these by only one click of the mouse! Please refer to this link.

  • How will the activities be assessed?

    Most of the activities are self-marked (MCQs, Short Answer Questions, Matching Questions, etc) but for essay questions, we provide e-Cikgu who are certified examiners to check on the answers according to the latest techniques/formats of answering.

  • What are the contents provided?

    The revision exercises and drill questions given are based on topic. Students will also be tested on Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) questions based on the latest examination formats.

  • Will the contents be different or just the same throughout 3 or 6 months?

    New content according to the newest format of examination will be uploaded every Monday.

  • Does FullAMark provides Dual Language for students under Dual Language Programme (DLP)?

    Current language used for Sains and Matematik exercises are in Bahasa. FullAMark does not provide Dual Language for now as DLP is yet to be implemented at all schools. We’re exploring to have it in FullAMark and will update the portal accordingly.

  • Who are the e-Cikgu? What are their functions in this online learning platform?

    The e-Cikgu are teachers who are experienced in marking national level examinations. They will be responsible in interacting and providing feedback to students throughout the subjects.

  • Do the subjective answers have answer schemes? If yes, who provides them?

    The subjective answers will be assessed by our e-Cikgu and the answer schemes used are provided by experienced teachers.

  • Do you have past year questions?

    Yes. There is a special section for past year exam questions provided for each and every subject.

  • Can I track my children’s performance/progress if I am not around to monitor them?

    Yes. Parents will have access to monitor their children’s progress and activities throughout the subjects that they are enrolled in.

  • Does FullAMark Subscription allows Tax Deduction?

    According to Inland Revenue Board (IRB), subscriptions of FullAMark are Tax Deductible as long as tax payers can provide sufficient proof of purchase e.g. Tax Invoice / Receipt.

  • How can I get the Tax Invoice for my subscription?

    Tax Invoice will be sent directly to your email within a day upon successful subscription.

  • How can I get the access to the subjects after my subscription?

    Access to subscribed subjects will be granted in ‘My Subjects’ page once your subscription status has completely being approved by our system. Please try to refresh ‘My Subjects’ page within 10 minutes to check your accessibility status.

  • How long will the students have to wait to get a reply on submitted answers (for subjective questions)?

    It depends on the e-Cikgu’s availability which is from 8pm to 10pm on weekdays and 9am to 5pm on weekends.

  • How do I check to see if I have answered all of the questions in a particular subject?

    Click on the green progress bar on the top right of the page. It will redirect you to your progress chart and links of activities that you haven’t done.

  • What is the “Subject Feed” tab for?

    Subject Feed is where you see the latest interaction in the subject that you are subscribed to. Similar to most social media platforms, students will get to see the latest posts and comments on this tab.

  • What is the function of the “Student Area” tab?

    The “Student Area” section is where students share and interact with other students that are in the same subject as them.

  • What do I do if need immediate help while answering the activities?

    There’s a Chat box on the bottom right side of the page where you can interact with anyone who is online. The e-Cikgu will also be available through Chat (at the specified time) so you don’t have to worry!

  • Why is the page I try to open is blank?

    That might be because of the AdBlock. Please disable any AdBlock application when such problem arises.

  • How do I know if I am successfully subscribed?

    To check on your subscription status, click on the My Subjects tab on the top bar of the homepage. If it is successful, your list of subscribed subjects will be displayed. If the subscription is unsuccessful, the My Subjects tab will display steps on how you can subscribe.

  • I received a promotional code. How do I use it?

    1. Click on the Promotion tab on the top bar of the homepage
    2. Choose the Subscription Duration and Subscription Package that applies to the promo code
    3. Key in your promo code in the box provided and click Apply
    4. Click on the Continue button to proceed with your subscription.
  • Why is my progress stated as Not Completed or not 100% green?

    Questions in a page need to be answered correctly in order for them to be considered as done. Try to submit your answers again, and if your answers are all correct but the problem still persists, please drop us a line at

  • What are kudos?

    Kudos are popularity points that you will get when someone commented or like your posts on the platform. They have no significant meaning and is just a fun feature that is included as a way to encourage more interaction among students and teachers.

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